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CML certificates

James Halldron Associates provides Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) Certification for Builders, Self Builders & Developers of Housing & Apartment Projects. The CML Certificate is a Professional Consultant's Certificate, also referred to as an Architect's or Structural Engineer's Certificate. Its purpose is to provide general assurance that the building has been constructed to a satisfactory standard and is issued to conform with the CML guidelines. Certification is provided in parallel with standard Local Authority Building Regulations Control, or that of an Independent Assessors Building Regulations Control.

The certificates primary purpose is to facilitate the lending of mortgage funds against a building in the absence of more formal warranties such as those issued by NHBC, Premier Guarantee and other similar organisations. It provides a six year limited guarantee that the building has been constructed to current Building Regulations standards.

The CML certificate is not an insurance policy, nor is it a warranty, guarantee or 'latent defects' policy. The certificate is of limited scope and primarily intended to provide assurance to the lender and building owner that the building has been constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and the drawings issued as part of the Building Regulations process. It provides the required CML maximum six year cover from the date of certification. The liability applies to the first purchasers and their lenders and succeeding owners and lenders for any remaining period of cover.

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